Purchase Plaques

mold texture plaque AWe have many kinds of texturing plaques book with all grain patterns are different. They are including laser texture, VDI3400, sandblasting, etching texture, hairline texture, wood texture, woven texture, leather texture, geometric texture, carbon fiber texture, etc. 
All grain patterns are the most popular to be used parts of Automobile、Electronic、Appliances at present in the market after our production experience.
Please contact us, if you need to purchase plaques book for designing pattern appearance of parts or you have specific grain inquiries. We will give you more high cost-effective services.
Please provide the pattern No., plaque or CKD parts of the other mold texturing company standard, we can make a pattern plaque for you approval. Please browse pattern R&D, pattern approved, welding, glossiness link to know more details before texturing

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