marked parts

A marked parts for mold texturing

B marked parts for mold texturing

Mold Texturing Meeting to marked parts is one of important preparation work for mold texturing before. Generally speaking, the meeting should be joined and discussed from mold texture factory, toolmaker and customer together.

Clear marked parts should including grain area, Draft Angle, Reduce Depth Gradually etc. of technical problems point and customer required. These issues are play an important role in mold texturing.

The marked sample should be drawing 2 sets to each reserve by mold texture factory and toolmaker for ease of reference and confirmation


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Welding Mark for VDI 3400 unhelpfully


How to operate the welding process to mold texturing for VDI 3400 helpfully ?

                         A: Pre-heat  the mold prior to welding

                         B: Weld the mold with welding rod  as the same steel of parent metal.

                         C: Heat-treat the whole mould to reach same  temperature .

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Draft Angle

pattern reduce depth


  • The draft angle of mold was not enough so that we will reduce depth gradually.


  • The general rule is that you require 1° of draft for each 13μ of texture finish depth.



Please checked whether your tools need to mold texturing in advance when you design the draft Angle of the mold.  You should to know the texturing pattern or grain NO. depth and draft Angle so that reserved enough draft Angle of mold to avoiding the dragging mark in the later injection.


Please know WeldingStandard Polish, Acid test, Gloss and Repair to operate your mold detail helpfully.

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Acid Test

acid test


  • The acid test  on your tools can be finished in your toolmaker of China.

  • Yuan Su can be your a third party supervision company for your tools project to acid test in China so that avoiding welding and steel material difference by toolmaker.

  • Yuan Su can issued report and feedback to you about acid test details.

Please know Draft Angle, Welding, Standard Polish to operate mold detail before acid test.

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Standard Polish

Standard polish

1、Cutting Line             2、Polish Line              3、EDM Pattern              4、Steel Line


Please see the below information of standard polish before mold texturing

  • The pattern depth of mold texturing is less than 40micron required to achieve the 800# of sandpaper at least .
  •  The pattern depth of mold texturing from 40 to 80micron required to achieve the 600# of sandpaper at least .
  • The pattern depth of mold texturing is more than 80micron required to achieve the 400# of sandpaper at least .

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