Pattern Approved

BMW             Feinnarbe D     Feinnarbe G     Feinnarbe L


VOLVO        31111122  8665474  9450100  30745399  30745396  30745398

                          6810002   3820161   3820862   3820123   3820124   30745395


MAN             Sparkle 55%   Sparkle 100%   Trust 55%   Trust 100%


GM                 GMGF 001 BRAZIL   GMGF 002 RIO   GMGF 003 BAHIA


Ford              Stipple 001  002  003  004  005         Cotton”AALF”        Deep Cotton “AAPY”  

                          ASPEN 130%       EASY CLEAN


VW                  K09  K17  K23  K24  K25  K26  K29  K30  K31  K32  K36  K49  K63  K85  K3A
                           K4L  K4T  K4M  K2O  K50  K6E  K7E  K9A


TOYOTA      GR006    Grain-C    Grain-J    Grain-F


HONDA        H130  H180  H216  H390  H402  H420  H421  H425  H426  H439  H475  H477  H485  H486


NISSAN        #402  #424  #500  #518 #536  #537  #538  #540  #542  #549  #550  #556  #559  #562  #567 #571


FIAT                                A02        A05        A09        D21  


CHRYSLER              CPM486    CPM493      CPM501      CPM626


RENAULT            20338


Scania                         1369970


UD TRUCKS            DX-10        DX-11        DX-26        DX-29  


DONGFENG            G162         G207         G208         G212         G213


QOROS                        Q02                                 Q10


HP                         SATIN GRAIN I / II /  III      FROSTED GRAIN I / II / III


IKEA                    No.1   No.2   No.3   No.4   No.5   No.6   No.7   No.8


KARCHER      STK 1000 FINE      STK 2000 ROUGH      STK 3000 TRIANGLE


BOSCH             SPARKED / GRAVUTEX G2348c


Yuan Su mold texturing factory for etching textures approved by customers. Please contact us if you need to purchase plaques for designing pattern appearance of parts or you have specific grain inquiries. We will give you more high cost-effective services.

Please see the above pattern No. by OEM or toolmaker approved in China.

If your pattern No. not found in the below list, please provide your pattern No., plaque or CKD part of the other mold texturing company standard, we can make a pattern plaque for you approval.

Please feel free to contact us and let me know your specific grain inquiries if your toolmaker in China.

Please see our laser etching, geometric texture, carbon fiber texture, marked parts, repair, texturing process , pattern R&D and purchase plaques to get more information.

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